About Me

So by this point your probably wondering, “Who is Jeremy Enke?” I am just a simple dude from Chicago! Although some may disagree, I am really not crazy! I come from a sales background selling within a few Fortune 200 companies and have a B.S. Degree in Business Management from Concordia University Wisconsin. Oh yea I better do the “wheel of fortune game show thing” and plug my beautiful wife and my adorable daughter. By the way there is a baby Pink Bunny on the way in August………… Feel free to send offers for the rights to Mrs. Pink Bunny’s tummy.

About two years ago I got into playing poker online and I was doing very well. However after calculating how much money these sites were bringing in I realized I was still on the wrong side of the table. If you want the whole story buy my book! Anyhow since then I have been successfully promoting online poker for several different poker websites and I have one big project in the works that is going to put a whole new spin on qualifying for the large buy-in poker events. Oh yea, it will probably turn my partner and I into geek internet millionaires just like the boys from Google. However unlike these geeks we will not be driving a $15,000 hybrid cars and still shopping at discount stores. We will be living the lifestyle of the Rich and Famous, drinking Dom and driving Mercedes’.

A few months back I wrote a book about how I got started in the online poker industry. Shortly after that I started what is now the worlds largest online community of poker affiliates at PartyRiches.com. Throughout my tenure as an online marketer I have done really well coming up with ideas that are truly one of a kind and force you to “think outside the box”. Hence the Pink Bunny Poker Auction! I really don’t feel like going into how I came up with the idea of The Pink Bunny right now. You can look at the original sales page here Pink Bunny or Google me and I’m sure you can dig something up.

Now let’s get get into more about me. I live in the Midwest and I absolutely hate it! The weather sucks and the selection of B&M poker rooms is awful to say the least. I took up poker a few years ago and consider myself a decent player (Of course every internet player thinks their the best in the world) I pretty much am happy to break even and when I have some really good sessions at the $15-$30 I go out and buy cool stuff. I’ll be blogging about my thoughts on this in more detail in the coming weeks.

On the subject of internet play I have played everywhere and most recently at GoldenPalacePoker.com. I guess that’s the PC thing to do since they’re paying my entry into the big game 🙂 You can come play with me on Thursday nights at the 2-4 game and see if you can break me. My screen name is Pink Bunny. I also play at GoldenPalace several other nights in tournaments and at different limits. I will let you all know in my blog when I’ll be there. Without bad mouthing my new sponsor I can seriously tell you that the players at GoldenPalace are really awful……..yes even worse than the donks at Party Poker if you can believe this. After playing here for a few weeks I get the impression it’s a bunch of degenerate casino players that saw Texas Hold’Em on T.V. and thought it would be cool to try. If you don’t believe, come see for yourself.

With regards to the Pink Bunny and the WSOP, I am looking forward to playing and truly believe I have a chance of getting into the money. I am sure I will have to play a little tighter however be willing to call some bluffs. I imagine most are not going to take me seriously and will try to bully me around. I look forward to staring others down only to have them push all-in and 30 seconds later say “Damn I thought you were bluffing” I would give up a spot in the money too knock Phil Helmuth out with garbage and promptly say “Hop along Phil, your tournament is over”, maybe I could even offer him a complimentary Golden Palace carrot on the way out. Can you imagine the embarrassment of a pro getting knocked out by some guy in a rabbit suit?

There have been a few questions as to if Harrah’s will let me play in this. I don’t see why not considering you have people like Phil Laak (The Unabomber) sitting there whose face is almost totally concealed, people wearing inside out hats, leisure suits, and just about anything else you can think of. I will get much more into this topic in the coming days in my exclusive Bunny Blog.

There you have it, this is Jeremy Enke in a nutshell. You can learn more about me by following my daily life through my exclusive Bunny Blog.